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5 Amazing Facts about Modular Medical Buildings

Ten years ago, the city of Uckfield experienced flooding that put many businesses underground. However, with modular buildings, they were able to reopen shops as quickly as two weeks later.

The ability to get permanent structures up fast wouldn’t have been possible without modular construction.

That’s why it makes sense this type of speedy construction made its way into the medical industry. Keep reading to learn the five amazing facts about modular medical buildings.

What Is Modular Medical Construction?

Modular medical construction is when a medical building is constructed off-site using the same standards as traditional onsite construction. The buildings are built in ‘modules’ and are then moved to their final location and installed there. These buildings are an alternative to traditional buildings, can be more environmentally friendly, and offer great benefits for businesses.

1. Must Faster Construction

It takes about half as much time to build modular buildings compared to traditional buildings. This is because all of the equipment is in one place and you’re able to be more efficient with the building process. They are still built to the same standard, and with the same materials as regular buildings, however, it’s done much faster.

2. Eco-Friendly

Due to the faster construction, modular buildings are more eco-friendly compared to regular construction. Since the construction takes place inside a factory, all of the waste can be eliminated through consistent recycling. Any accidentally spilled chemicals don’t end up in the ground either due to it being inside.

3. No Weather Delays

When you’re building inside, it doesn’t matter what the weather is outside. With modular building, you never have to deal with another rain delay or waiting for the right temperature to paint something again.

You’ll be able to keep an accurate project management timeline and be able to be consistent in your work.

4. Superior Customization

With modular buildings, you’re not bound by what’s already been done before. The possibilities are endless to give you the exact specifications you’re looking for. You don’t have to settle for whatever medical building is available; you can customize one to your exact needs.

If you need a unique space for patients, a modular building is perfect for giving you what you need and nothing you don’t.

5. Like Playing With Legos

Probably the most fun, fun fact about modular medical buildings is it’s like playing with legos. You build the buildings in a way where you can take it apart and put it back together on site. This is also the greatest example of how flexible and customizable modular buildings can be, the ability to pick it up and move the structure is pretty much unheard of in the rest of the construction industry.

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