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4 Key Inspection Points When Searching for a Used Modular Building

In the U.S., the average traditionally-built family home takes 7 months to build. Given the permit process, site preparation, material ordering, and the construction itself, it’s no wonder why it takes so long. Continue reading about inspections for a used modular building for sale…

In contrast, modular buildings take a few weeks to construct from start to finish. Used modular buildings will give you a structure even sooner. 

But, how can you be sure you get the high-quality modular building you want?

Luckily, the key to finding a great used modular building for sale is a careful inspection. Read on to learn what you need to investigate to ensure you get a building that’s worth the investment. 

1. The Floor

Modular buildings can either sit on top of concrete piers or a full concrete foundation. If not done correctly, it can cause structural issues in the unit and even lead to water damage. That’s why it’s critical to check the floor of a used modular building before you buy it. 

As you walk through the unit, check for any soft spots, sponginess, or newly replaced flooring. This can be a sign of water damage. Make sure to check the floor near bathroom doors and in entryways as these areas are particularly susceptible to damage.

It’s also wise to check the foundation or the underside of the unit for structural issues or damage from animals. 

2. The Roof

Many modular buildings have flat roofs. By design, water doesn’t drain as easily as it does from a pitched roof. That’s why you need to carefully inspect the unit’s roof as well as its gutters and downspouts. 

If it’s well constructed, a flat roof can last up to 25 years. If it has a rubber membrane roof, check for punctures, tears, or weak spots since they can lead to leaks. If it has a metal roof, check for rust spots and warped or bent areas.

3. The HVAC System

Whether you’re looking for used modular school buildings or a used modular church building, it needs to have a working HVAC system. Heating, air conditioning, and ventilation aren’t just for comfort, they also protect the building from damage. 

Without functioning AC, the unit could have hidden moisture and mold damage. Without a heating system, temperature changes can warp or crack the walls, windows, and floor. Plus, an HVAC system is a big-ticket item to replace.

4. The Plumbing and Electrical

It’s also important to inspect the plumbing and electrical systems. Make sure both systems meet the code requirements of wherever you’re moving the building to. 

If you need to make some upgrades, it can quickly eat into your budget. Before you buy, have a plumber and an electrician inspect the building. They’ll tell you if there’s any issues and how much it will cost to fix them.   

Major electrical and plumbing issues can be a dealbreaker since they can be expensive to fix. If there are too many things to fix, you may want to consider a different modular building. 

Looking For a Used Modular Building For Sale? We Can Help

Opting for a used modular building can lower your expenses and shorten the construction timeline. As long as you check the roof, floor, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical before you buy, you can feel confident in your new investment. 

If you’re looking for a used modular building for sale, Alternative Building Solutions Inc. can help. We offer an inventory of pre-inspected modular buildings that we can deliver immediately. Contact us today to learn more about our inventory in Tampa.

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