3 Top Tips to Make the Most of Your Modular Classroom Space

calendar icon August 29, 2018

Used modular school buildings are continuing to grow in popularity as an affordable, efficient, and sustainable educational solution. In fact, the Northwest Portable Classroom Project found that portables built to the 1993 code were 44% more energy efficient than models built 25 years prior. Further, portables built to 2000 codes are 20% more energy efficient than the 1993 models. If your school has recently invested in used modular school buildings to increase educational efficiency, it’s important to use them practically and make the most of the space and resources you have. Here are just a few tips that can help any educational facility make the most of your modular classroom space.

How Make the Most of Your Modular Classroom Space:

  • Ensure each modular unit has its own bathroom

First, it’s important to remember that teachers and students will need to use the restrooms throughout the day. In order to keep things convenient, it helps to make sure bathrooms are as accessible as possible. Despite the fact that the cost of a portable classroom is between 36% and 77% of the cost of a traditional classroom. Not all modular classrooms come equipped with restrooms. But ideally, there should be one restroom per modular classroom for easy access for all students.

  • Invest in covered walkways for times of inclement weather

Finally, if you’re investing in a high number of used modular school buildings, it’s best to cover the walkways. This can be a life-saver for days when it’s rainy or snowy. This keeps students and teachers dry while walking between classes, and it also increases safety by reducing the chance of slippery floors

The overwhelming reason to use portable classrooms was the speed of delivery (35%). Then it is shifting enrollments (26%) and the relatively inexpensive nature of the classrooms (25%). But despite the reason for your modular classroom investment, keeping these tips in mind can help optimize the day to day educational experience for students and teachers alike.

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