3 Reasons Why a Modular Building Is a Good Fit for Schools

3 Reasons Why a Modular Building Is a Good Fit for Schools

calendar icon July 30, 2022

Should you use modular buildings for your school? Absolutely!

No matter what types of buildings you need, school portables are the perfect choice. You can use them as offices, classrooms, study halls, faculty lounges, and more.

Plus, installing portable buildings takes less than a month. And besides being more convenient than permanent buildings, they’re more affordable, too.

But that’s only because they’re eco-friendly and easy to make, not because they lack quality. Commercial modular buildings are durable, functional, and built to code every time.

And that’s not all. There are loads of other reasons to consider modular buildings for your school. Read on to discover more.

1. They’re Perfect For Your Needs

One of the biggest advantages of modular buildings is that they’re so versatile. They can be designed/modified to meet the needs of any classroom.

Now, most classrooms don’t need any special modifications. An empty space with enough room for desks is adequate for teaching math, English, etc.

But this standard design is not equipped for use as a science lab, metal shop class, or computer center. Fortunately, portable buildings are easy to modify. Or, at least, it’s easier than modifying a permanent building.

School portables can also be used as offices. This includes faculty lounges and the school nurse’s office.

2. They’re Convenient

Since school portables are easy to modify, you can do this as often as you need to. Imagine you need to add another science lab to accommodate more students.

Building or modifying a permanent structure is expensive, difficult, and very time-consuming. Setting up/redesigning a modular building for this purpose is far more convenient. In less than a month, you’ll have your modular science lab up and running.

Also, your permanent school buildings require maintenance and renovation from time to time. When this happens, relocate to a modular classroom/office until the renovation’s complete.

Sometimes, though, these repair needs come along very unexpectedly (broken windows, roof leaks). You can prepare for these situations ahead of time with school portables. That is, install some spare modular buildings on-campus before you need them.

3. They’re More Affordable Than Constructing a Traditional Building

The examples above illustrate how suddenly/often the needs of your school can change. It’s extremely expensive to renovate your current buildings each time these changes occur.

School portables cost much less to set up. But they’re no less functional than a permanent structure.

They have insulation, heating and cooling, electrical outlets, and anything else that you need. Specifically, they’re constructed according to the same building codes as a traditional buildings.

Does Your School Need Modular Buildings?

The real question is, why wouldn’t you want modular buildings for your school? Nevertheless, if you still have reservations about purchasing school portables, get in touch with us.

Call us at 813-855-0646 or contact us here so we can answer your questions. You can also schedule a free site visit this way to receive a cost estimate of your project.

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