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Why Are So Many Churches Going Multisite?

Roughly 51% of Americans say they go to church or another worship service somewhere between once a month and multiple times per week. And the fact is, more and more churches are going multisite with the help of modular church buildings for sale. While portable building prices do vary, the advantages that come with multisite churches are unmatched. Here are just a few reasons so many churches are going multisite.

Provides ‘New Church’ Atmosphere

If you’ve ever stepped foot in a brand new church, you can feel the elegance and heightened atmosphere of the entire building. However, modular church buildings can provide this elegant feel as well, and at just a fraction of the cost of building an entirely new church using conventional construction methods. Churches with 10,000 or more members are going multisite, but regardless of the size of your church, going multisite using modular buildings will certainly change the entire atmosphere for the better.

Increases Potential For Community Support

Churches are known for having busy schedules that allow for maximum use of their resources in order to better the community. These can include education classes, support groups, and much more. While churches with just one physical location are rather limited when it comes to the events they can schedule and the impact they have on the community, multisite churches are constantly expanding and providing additional support to their local communities. The fact is, investing in multiple sites for your church increases the amount of support each branch can provide, increasing overallawareness and community impact as whole.

Wooden cross on a simple steeple set against a sunny summer blue sky.

Reaches New Audiences

It may sound shocking, but curre

ntly, there are about 156 million unchurched people in the United States. However, multisite churches are quickly becoming a refuge for these people who may previously not have had any other options for local churches. Investing in multiple sites for your church is one major way to maximize its audience, and those who faithfully attend every week.

Ultimately, understanding the true reasons so many churches are going multisite is the key to determining whether or not it may be a viable idea for your church. For more information about portable building prices, contact ABS.

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