Modular buildings for commercial use in Florida and the Southeast

Why Choose ABS for your Modular Building Project

Choosing the right company to manage the process of getting your modular building from concept to completion is a very serious decision.   Although modular construction offers appealing advantages over traditional construction such as saving money and getting your building sooner, there is still A LOT involved that, if done incorrectly or not done at all, can end up making your experience a nightmare.

When you have Alternative Building Solutions, Inc. facilitate your modular building project you can rest assured that our experience of over 20 years will ensure your project will go smoothly, get delivered on time and completed within budget. Over the years we have formulated and perfected a seven stage process that we employ on every project.

Aside from all the advantages you get from choosing to go with a modular building over traditional construction, you get a level of customer service you’ve probably never experienced before.  What does that look like?  Really, there’s no way to put the experience of working with ABS into words, but we must be doing something right since 85% of our business comes from previous customers’ projects and referrals.  You could read our client testimonials, but we think it would be better to pick up the phone and call our customers to ask them about their experience working with David Kuczer to get their modular project completed.  You might even ask them why they are glad they chose to go modular over traditional design/build construction.

Educating the Client is Vital for Success

We believe it’s most critical to the success of a modular building project that our customers are educated about the entire process – every step – ever detail. The more our customers are aware of the process, the better they can make decisions and understand why something is happening.

Consistent Communication is Key

You are kept in the loop throughout the entire process with weekly updates no matter what.  Our philosophy is to keep the lines of communication open to ensure everybody is on the same page.

Happy Contractors Means a Job Well Done

ABS pays its contractors immediately when their job is completed which is uncommon in the construction industry.  Our commitment to pay our workers quickly makes them eager to work on your project which ensures that your job gets done right, fast, the first time.

We’ll Work With Your People

Speaking of people… we are happy to work with your people.  Although we have every ability to manage the entire process and provide all the resources necessary to complete the job, we also understand that customers may have contractors or even a general contractor that they want us to use in an effort to lower their project costs.   No problem – Will work together with your people to get your project completed most efficiently.

Experience the ABS Difference at No Risk!

If you’re still trying to make a decision if modular is the way to go, or if ABS is the company to hire to manage your modular project, simply click here to briefly tell us about your project, let us do a site visit, and we’ll provide you a quote within 48 hours for your modular project – no fee, no obligation, no risk!

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